Limão Rosa Dry Gin Brazilian Soul

Limão Rosa Gin is the spirit that embodies the soul and culture of Brazil. It celebrates the connection between people, nature, and music. Limão Rosa Gin pays homage to an ancient tradition of bringing people together for love, life, and music. Its smooth flavor brings out all of the beauty in Brazil's diverse regions which are so symbolically represented in Limão Rosa bottle design. Each Limão Rosa drink is a cultural experience and with each sip, you’re transported to another world that is passionate, vibrant, traditional yet contemporary. Limão Rosa gives drinkers a renewed appreciation for the amazing country of Brazil.

Step onto the sandy beaches of Brazil, where a picturesque tropical landscape and the lively sound of samba music will instantly set your spirit alight. Grab an open bottle of Limão Rosa Gin, crafted to perfection with the best Brazilian natural ingredients. Take a sip of this beloved spirit and let the unique flavor transport you as you bask in the warmth of the Brazilian sun. Relax and enjoy, it's time to immerse yourself in this wonderful culture!

Delightful Blend of Aromas

Brazilian culture is a blend of history, music, and art that has inspired people around the globe. Nowhere is this hybrid culture more alive than when one experiences it under the burning sun with Limão Rosa gin in hand. This unique spirit embodies everything wonderful about Brazil; made from hand-crafted ingredients like limo, ponkan mandarina, and botanicals like juniper berry and pink pepper, Limão Rosa gin casts a warm orange glow over our senses. Its delightful blend of aromas and powerful flavor make it the perfect drink for enjoying Brazilian culture - preferably outside under the sun with live music nearby!

True Essence of  Brazilian Flavor

Immerse yourself in the exotic spirit of Brazil with Limão Rosa Gin. This unique, bright Brazilian flavored spirit is made with a mix of juniper berries, citrus fruits, spices and botanicals. Distilled in small batches and inspired by arts, culture and samba music of Brazil, Limão Rosa Gin has an unexpected flavor profile that perfectly captures the sun-soaked culture of this incredible country; you'll find notes of lime peel, pink peppercorn and sea salt that culminate into an unforgettable experience. Enjoy Limão Rosa Gin as you bask under the sun to capture the true essence of Brazilian flavor.


Brazil's beauty captured in Limão Rosa Gin. This gin has used tradition to its advantage, creating a unique product that has garnered worldwide attention from award-winning mixologists and cocktail aficionados alike. Limão Rosa is made with traditional techniques, featuring eight botanicals including bitter orange peel, juniper berries and angelica root for an unforgettable flavor profile. With subtle hints of citrus and floral notes, Limão Rosa Gin proudly highlights the craftsmanship of their beloved distiller. Whether you like it neat or mixed into a world-class cocktail, Limão Rosa offers a unique approach to enjoying spirituous beverages.

Natural Botanicals 

Limão Rosa, a remarkable delicacy that emerged from the lush soils of Brazil, captivates both the senses and the imagination. Borne on a citrus tree rich with fragrant and brilliant blooms reminiscent of romantic roses, Limão Rosa Gin invites you to indulge in its vivid beauty and savor the captivating flavor it offers. As its fragrant aroma, like the gentle whispers of a blossoming love, entices, you find yourself drawn to the tender harmony between refreshing zest and delicate nectar offered by this rare treasure. Through the dance of these enchanting flavors, Limão Rosa Gin captures the essence of Brazil's thriving and diverse landscapes with every delectable taste, inviting you to explore the passion and vitality of this dynamic culture. Undoubtedly, the charm of Limão Rosa Gin is a testament to both the harmony of nature and the wonders we may find in the bountiful lands of Brazil.

Eduardo Sartori-President da ABS-Campinas

Eduardo Sartori-President da ABS-Campinas We are tasting here Limão Rosa Gin...In the aromatic part, it is very aromatic. you can taste the zest of lemon peel and also Limão Rosa peel, a touch of juniper, very fragant, very aromatic In the mouth it is soft, delicate, you don't feel the alcohol burning your mouth..It has as a good acidity, it is very soft and in the mouth you feel all these Zestas, citrus touch.. Very well made, very delicate........ Congratulations ...

Distillery Brands

Our exclusive pre-distillation filtration process makes for the perfect blend of aromas and balance of flavors, and our hand beaten copper stills preserve the authentic character-of every ingredient. Grounded in the classic juniper and citrus style of the world's finest gins . Limão Rosa captures the unquenchable spirit of the people of Brazil - work hard, play hard , and live life to the full.

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Limão Rosa Gin presents an exotic, aromatic experience for the love of Brazilian Soul. Our experts will be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction, giving you access to Limão Rosa and helping your business stand out from the crowd. Whether you're just getting started or have been an established Limão Rosa retailer, Distillery Brands USA can help you serve a spirit that's truly unforgettable.

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